Monday, March 7, 2011

Cinnacrunch Muffins

Today was a cookie exchange at work.  Did I make my cookies and take them in?  Ummm  :::kicking dirt with toe:::  nope, I sure didn't.  Do I have a good defense for not taking them?  Wellllllll ... no.  I just didn't make them.  There were 11 of us exchanging cookies, so I did get 10 bags of 3 cookies each.  No, make that 8 bags of 3 cookies each, 1 bag of 3 small muffins, and 1 bag of 5 very small, but very tasty orange cookies.  :)
So I decided to make muffins for breakfast for the cookie exchange group instead.  Tomorrow morning, I'll be taking Cinnacrunch Muffins on page 19 of the American Vegan Kitchen cookbook.  I decided to make these late.  I made the Crunch topping around 8:30 PM.  That means it finished baking at 8:45 PM.  Since it had to sit for 2 hours and cool (harden), that means I just now put my muffins in the oven at 11 PM.
I followed the recipe exactly, and I thought that the ingredients would be exact, but I found that I have a cup and a half or so of leftover crunch.  The recipe states it will keep for up to two weeks if kept airtight, which it is.  I don't have enough to make another batch of muffins, but I do have enough to sprinkle on oatmeal or use on a baked apple.  I seriously doubt that anyone at the office will even suspect that the muffins are vegan.  I read on someone's blog that these are the muffins you take to work when people at work are giving you grief about what you eat [as a vegan].  I believe it.  :::chuckle:::

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