All About Me ...

January 2011
This is me at a wine tasting with my girlfriends.  I arrived late, so I was trying to catch up as they had already sampled a couple of wines.  This was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  There are a few things that I think are life's greatest gifts ... my children ... my girls (dogs) ... family ... friends ... love ... and laughter, plenty of laughter.
The Stone Family
Family is our core.  Family can be your blood relatives or just a group of people with whom you've formed a life bond.  The picture above is of my family on my mother's side.  We all gather at my Aunt Lola's house ... brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandchildren, grandparents, and cousins.  This picture captures the essence of family to me because instead of focusing on the camera, we were all focused on each other.  Isn't that what family life is all about?
Jordan enjoying the nice weather on a sunny Saturday morning.
Besides my sons to whom I'm completely devoted, I add my girls.  Jordan above, who I think was abused before her family abandoned her. Neighbors captured and took her to the Animal Welfare League where I found her and fell in love with her.  Jordan was 10 months old when she joined our family.

Kobe below, also from the Animal Welfare League, but adopted at only 11 weeks old.  Kobe was in total shut down mode because of the overwhelming noise at the shelter.  My son pointed her out and I asked him if she was alive because she was laying so still and the other pup in her cage was jumping up and down and barking uncontrollably.  Yes, she was alive (still is) and was not the docile, sweet, demure pup that she first seemed to be.  She's incredibly smart and devious and loves to do something to get my attention (steal the phone, grab the remote, etc.).
Kobe ignoring the fact that I have a camera pointed at her.
As you can tell, the girls get along extremely well.
Skittles was 2 years old when I adopted her from my girlfriend.  She only weighs about 9 pounds, but is as brave and ferocious as she can be with the two big girls.  Skits is 9 years older than Kobe and 10 years older than Jordan, and she tried to exert her age authority with the other two.  Skits passed on September 10, 2011.  We miss her terribly and treasure the time that she spent with us.
Skittles, posing for the camera after being groomed.
My goals in life are pretty simple.  I want to spend time with friends and family and live a good life.  I stand up for animals who are abused.  I stand up for family and friends. I believe at the end of our lives, we won't look back and say, "Man! If only I hadn't called in sick on Monday, April 4, 2011."  (No, I did not call in sick that day.)  Family, including our furry family, and friends are the most important treasures we have. 

Other than that, I'm trying to eat as well as I possibly can.  Am I perfect?  Heck no!  I have plenty of slip ups.  Do I beat myself up over them?  Heck no!  Each day is a new day and I can choose to take a new path.  I want a life that is filled with joy, not regret and anger. And, I am living that life the best I can. :)