Saturday, February 5, 2011

Buff Tempeh Wings

I'm going to a Super Bowl party tomorrow afternoon at a friend's house. I wanted to take a tasty appetizer that isn't a dip or chips or cut veggies or cut fruit.  I saw a recipe for Buff Tempeh Wings on I have never prepared or eaten tempeh, so I thought I'd make the recipe today to see if it was good enough to take.  It definitely is.  No, these don't taste like regular buffalo wings, but they are tasty.
I cut the tempeh into 1" chunks and marinated it in hot sauce.  I didn't make my own sauce, like the recipe calls for.  I used Frank's Red Hot Wing Sauce.  I skipped adding the extra oil and spices.  The Frank's is hot enough by itself.  I marinated the tempeh for several hours as I cut it up and covered it with sauce around 10AM, but didn't cook it until 5PM.  
I heated some canola oil in a small skillet.  The pieces of tempeh cooked pretty quickly and browned nicely.  I will probably cook them this way again, but I think it'd be much easier to flash deep fry them for a couple of minutes.
After all of the tempeh was fried and golden, I threw them in a bowl so I could cover them with the reserved buffalo wing sauce.
My youngest son knew I was cooking buffalo wing bites, but had no clue they were tempeh and not regular chicken.  He wanted them for supper, so I put 4 bites each in two high fiber flour tortillas with some condiments for him.  He ATE them up!  He still has no clue it was tempeh.  I'm debating whether or not I should tell him.  :::grin:::

I'll be taking these to the Super Bowl party tomorrow.  I'll marinate them in the morning and make them early in the afternoon.  It will be a nice addition to the snack table.
 This  is the dish I took over for the Super Bowl party today.  The buffalo bites turned out nice. 

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