Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 8 - Still Going Strong!

OK, it's day 8 now.  I haven't eaten meat since July 23, 2010, when I had some sausage and ham on pizza.  I had pizza last night, but the toppings were black olives, mushrooms, onion, and hot Giardiniera.  I think I'm doing OK on the meatless track.  I do need to find a good substitute for cheese so I can make my own pizza on Friday evenings with my cheese alternative.  I have to find a local store that sells Daiya so I can try it and see if it lives up to all of the hype I've read about it.  If I found a suitable substitute for cheese, I'd be able to go vegan for the the most part and then transition to totally vegan.  It's been a major accomplishment just being meatless.  I have eaten less and less meat over the past year, but I haven't made a deliberate effort to be meatless, so this is a first.  YAY for me! :)

My sons are getting used to me not eating meat. Last night when they returned from having Giordano's pizza with their father and his cousin, they just looked to see what veggies I put on my pizza.  :::smile:::  That cracks  me up.  I'm moving toward no dairy products, although I don't eat much.  Half 'n half (fat free) in my coffee, cheese on pizza, and that's about it.  I eat vegan margarine (Smart Balance Light is vegan and easier to find than Earth Balance), and I have almond milk on my cereal.  I also have to start using an egg replacer when baking, although I have a few vegan cookbooks and recipes that don't call for any eggs, so that's hit or miss.

All in all, I'm moving along in the right direction and soon plan to be fully vegan.  With so many non-dairy alternatives available, there is no reason not to make the transition.

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