Monday, April 18, 2011

Pressure Cooker Indian Chickpeas

I printed the Pressure Cooker Indian Chickpeas recipe out months ago.  I saw it on the blog Vegan Dad.  I've tried a couple of recipes off of his blog and have enjoyed them.  I pulled my copy of this recipe out on Saturday thinking I would make it on Sunday for one of my weekly meals.  Well, THAT didn't happen after making the Cheezy Tofu Potato Skillet (which I still have enough for at least one or two more meals).
This morning, I decided that tonight was the night.  I put my remaining stash of dried chickpeas, which just happened to be about 1½ cups, into water before I left for work.  When I returned home, the chickpeas had been soaking for about 10 hours, which was great.
I started piling ingredients into the pressure cooker.  I ended up putting the sweet potatoes on top.  The recipe calls for butternut squash or sweet potatoes.  I used sweet potatoes as I think I'll be making Butternut Tofu Stuffed Shells for Easter Sunday dinner.  They just sound SOOOO good!  Who could resist?!?!?

So, I threw all of the ingredients for the Pressure Cooker Indian Chickpeas in the pressure cooker.  I didn't have curry leaves, so I threw in ½ teaspoon red curry powder.  Not sure that was a good substitute, but hey, I did what I could.  While it was cooking, I threw a couple of scoops of a brown rice mix in the multi-cooker to cook.
My verdict is, it's a good dish, but too bland for my tastes.  Maybe that's because I used red curry powder instead of curry leaves.  I honestly don't know.  Perhaps it's because I like my dishes on the spicy side and this is definitely NOT spicy at all.  It's good for a family meal with younger children or young adults who don't like spicy.  I like the dish, but definitely will spice it up if I make it again.  For now, I just put a conservative squeeze of Sriracha sauce in mine.


  1. This is a great idea - I'll have to bookmark it for a midweek meal, but will note that we need to up the spices. We (especially Andy) prefer our dinner to kick us in the mouth with flavour. No subtlety in our house!

  2. Here either, Theresa! I like the bold flavor of spices and a bit of a zing in dishes like this one. The basic flavor is good, but it was just too bland for me. I definitely would recommend upping the spices.

  3. I wish I had a pressure cooker. That Indian food looks delish!