Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Southwestern Tofu Nachos

I read an excellent recipe for nachos today on That Pain in the Ass Vegan blog.  It made me want to make some nachos tonight for dinner.  I thought about what I had in the house and I was going to the grocery store, so I picked up some tortilla chips, chunky salsa, and black olives.  I already had some Follow Your Heart cheddar cheese and Tofutti sour cream.  I was thinking of thawing some black beans for the nachos, but instead I decided to thaw out a Southwestern Tofu Burger that I had in my freezer from the end of October.  I microwaved it on 40% power for 2 minutes.  It was perfectly thawed.  The picture below is from my October 30, 2010 blog, but it shows how crumbly the burgers were after cooking.

I crumbled the Southwestern Tofu Burger and then tossed it on top of my tortilla chips.  I added the cheese (shredded) and heated that up in the microwave for another minute.  Then I topped it with chunky salsa (mild), Tofutti sour cream, a few black olives sliced, a few slices of mild jalapeno peppers, and topped it with a few splashes of medium taco sauce.  

This was not only a very tasty meal, it was extremely easy to throw together in a matter of minutes.  I still have 4 of the Southwestern Tofu Burgers left and I will definitely be using some of them for this nacho dish.

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