Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coconut Banana Pecan Coffee Cake Oatmeal

I have not been feeling the best the last couple of days.  I drove to Springfield, Illinois, 3 hours from my home, so that my sons and I could have Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom.  On the way back, I had a coughing fit before I even got out of the Springfield area (which I attribute to the air freshener I got at the car wash the night before and was promptly thrown out), and once that was done, I had a scratchy throat for the rest of the drive. Yesterday, I woke up with a mild sore throat and a hoarse voice.  Today, I had a voice, but I had a moderate sore throat.  Needless to say, a green smoothie was not appealing in the least.
I remembered Kathy Hester's website, Healthy Slow Cooking, and that she had a TON of recipes for steel cut oats.  The only problem being, the recipes all call for a 1½ to 2 quart slow cooker, which I did not own.  That is ... until I ran out and bought one this morning at 9 AM.  :::smile:::

After looking at all of her oatmeal (steel cut oat) recipes, I finally settled on Coconut Banana Pecan Coffee Cake Oatmeal.  Yes, it does take a long time to cook (7 to 9 hours), and by the time I washed out the crock pot and put the ingredients in it, it was 10:20 AM.  I didn't care.  I decided I would eat the rest of the soup I had in the fridge early and eat the steel cut oats later.
I only did a few things differently than the recipe, and I'm sure they did not affect the taste.  First, I used unsweetened almond milk (not vanilla flavor) and upped the vanilla extract to 1 teaspoon.  I used agave instead of a low calorie sweetener and I used walnuts for my nuts instead of pecans.  I didn't have any pecans in the house and walnuts just seemed close enough.  I don't know if my slow cooker cooks at a warmer temperature than Kathy's does, but 6 hours was long enough for my steel cut oats.  To cook it overnight, I think I'll add a bit more liquid and put it on so it will only cook for 6½ hours at the longest.
This is an absolutely delightful steel cut oat dish.  It's extremely tasty.  It would be good with a splash of almond milk in it, too.  As a bonus, the vegan bowl I ordered from came today, so I got to eat the oatmeal in my new bowl.

I can't wait to try more of Kathy's oatmeal recipes.  These will be perfect for the upcoming winter months.


  1. This sounds like a rich dessert posing as a healthy breakfast! :-) We love steel cut oats, I need to check out Kathy's recipes. (I don't have a slow cooker at all - it's on the Christmas wish list, but will be a 4-quart affair when we get one - so maybe I'll just have to double the recipes!)

    I bet subbing walnuts for pecans did alter the taste a bit. I think walnuts have a very distinctive flavor, and think that using pecans would make this even tastier. (I just bought pecans recently and the price tag nearly made my eyeballs pop outta my head! Walnuts, cashews and almonds are what I always have on hand, pecans are a treat!)

    How fun that your Vegan bowl showed up in the nick of time for your oatmeal breakfast! I don't have any of Jeannette's dishes myself, but have bought them as gifts before. Very fun!

    Hope you're feeling all better by now!

  2. Hi, Laloofah ... unbelievably, I am still sick. I did go to the doctor and got some antibiotics, so I'm hopeful that I will be 100% better soon. Good grief, I got a nasty bug and haven't been this sick in years. boo hiss!

    I'll have to pick up some pecans soon and try this with pecans. You are right, the price is high on them. Yikes!

    Hope you are having a great December.

  3. OMG funny you were in Springfield!! Hope you feel better by now.
    Yella got adopted!!!! We actually just lost our puppy and I was thinking about Yella. There is another dog, VERY shy though, who looks a little like Yella. Hope you are well!!

  4. I read that you lost your dog. I felt so badly about that. It's so unbelievably hard when that happens. I still miss Skittles. I still look at the pictures and videos of all of the dogs. I hate that some have lived their entire lives on the street, like Lloyd. Is the shy dog posted? Ivory? I'm sooooo happy for Yella/Finn. He is an incredible dog and deserves so much happiness!!!! All of you are angels down there and have my utmost admiration and respect. :)