Monday, December 13, 2010

French Toast Vegan Waffles

Sunday is always family breakfast time.  About 95% of the time, I cook breakfast.  Occasionally, I order breakfast from a waffle house for the boys, but normally I cook.  This Sunday, I picked out what I would make versus one of the boys choosing.  I decided on waffles.  I started with my favorite basic waffle recipe, Naked Vegan Waffles.  But, I wanted a different flavor for them, so I decided to add a couple of ingredients from a non-vegan recipe.  Also, I always use unsweetened almond milk.  Somehow I picked up unsweetened vanilla flavor almond milk last time I bought it, but it didn't affect the flavor of the waffles at all.     
I bought a scale not too long ago and I'm trying to get used to using versus measuring everything out, so I thought I'd just dump the flour in the bowl.  I looked at the flour and saw 1/4 cup weighed 30 grams.  OK, so far, so good.  I was going to use mostly all-purpose flour, but I knew I didn't have enough so I planned on using whole wheat, too.  I needed 2½ cups of flour.  So, 30 grams x 4 = 120 grams per cup of flour.  That meant 2½ cups of flour weighs 300 grams, right?  Of course.  So, when I was doing the mental math, instead of 30 x 4, I calculated 40 x 4 and came up with 160 grams per cup or 400 grams total.  By the time I realized that was wrong, I had 400 grams of white and wheat flours in my bowl.  If I tried to scoop some out, it would be a mixture of the two.  OOPS!  Well, I just adjusted all of the other ingredients by multiplying them by 1.33 to get the proper amount.  And YES, I did use a calculator for that.  Sheesh!
Once I had the basic ingredients in the bowl, I added 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of vanilla.  The batter was a light tan color.  I used my double-sided Belgium waffle maker to cook these up and let me tell you, they came out perfectly.  I sprayed the waffle iron before putting in the batter each time and I had absolutely no sticking.
Since I had inadvertently increased the recipe, I had a couple of waffles left over to freeze for later enjoyment.  These are waffles that my sons really like.  I highly recommend them.

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