Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Menu

I've been thinking about my Christmas menu, well, ever since Thanksgiving.  :::chuckle:::  I had such success with that Seitan Turkey and Stuffing that it made me want to make another main dish from scratch.  The same website, A Veg*n for Dinner has won me over for my Christmas meal.  I'll be making Vegan Filet Mignon for Christmas dinner, for me, of course. 

It took me a while to find some No-Beef Bouillon.  I finally found it at a Whole Foods store that was only about 25 minutes from my job.  I stocked up on it.  I have plenty of mushroom broth.  I stocked up on that, too.  I'll be using mushroom broth to simmer the filet mignon so it has plenty of flavor when I use it as a base for the Slow Cooked Mushroom Gravy (and no, I still have not made that Chicken Fried Tofu Steak, but I will).  It should be a very tasty meal. 

So, here's the full menu for me.

Crunchy Sweet Brussels Sprouts Salad (not really a salad, it's a hot veggie dish)
Corn (just boiled with a little Earth Balance for my boys)
Homemade rolls (using my bread machine)

I will have to make another main dish for my mother and sons as they are not vegetarian or vegan.  It'll be another mixed holiday meal, but most of the dishes are vegan and extremely tasty.  I have found so many wonderful recipes since I began this style of eating.  And, I'm loving it! :)

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