Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Idea of an EASY Dinner

It's my week to close the office.  That means I stay until all of the employees leave.  The office officially closes at 5PM, but it's generally 5:10PM to 5:30PM before I leave.  Today, it was about 5:10PM.  I realized I was out of wet dog food, which is a problem as my 11 y.o. Yorkie only has about 3 teeth left and she can't eat dry food.  So, I had to stop for dog food, along with another errand.  I also realized that I had no clue what I was going to fix my sons for dinner or myself.  I knew I wouldn't be back home until around 7PM, which is far too late to do any heavy cooking. Luckily, the boys were easy and asked for Quiznos.  (Yes, I know ... but they eat meat most of the time. I'm trying to convert them slowly.  Forcing them won't work at 19 and 21 years old.)  That left me.

I have not had plain rice and veggies in a while.  I'm not talking about stir fry, but rather rice cooked in my rice cooker with veggies steamed in the steamer basket above the rice.  I had a brown rice mixture in my pantry.  I cooked half of that package and about a quarter of a big bag of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots.  It is the most simple meal, but I really like it.  I didn't throw any spices into the rice while it cooked, just water.  It's a plain meal, but tastes great.  I had enough of the rice and veggies for another dinner (probably tomorrow).  I even had enough rice to give both of my big dogs a spoonful.  Like me, the girls (my dogs) love freshly cooked rice.  So, it was my EASY dinner night. :)  

Over the weekend, I will make a stir fry with some of the veggies and some tofu.  The veggies would also be great in a cold whole wheat pasta salad.  Hmmm...I think I have enough to make both. 

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