Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Begins in 5 Days!!!

Pale Pink Daylilies from my garden.
In only 5 days, Spring will begin.  I can't wait for Spring.  It's been a long, hard winter in Chicago. Depending on what article you read, we either tied for the coldest February on record (in 1875) or came close to it.  I've had Spring fever for awhile now.  I ordered (in advance) three types of flowers for a new spot in my yard, a spinning decoration to add to that location, and a new spade/shovel thing to use to dig for the flowers.
Burgundy Red Daylilies from my garden.
In only a few short months, my Daylilies will begin to grow and bloom.  I have three different colors and love them all.  I'll be planting my container garden.  Last year, I had both cherry and plum tomatoes, banana, jalapeno, and green peppers, cucumbers on the deck as well as, sweet corn and pumpkins in a 3'x3' patch on the side of the garage.  I learned a few things (cucumbers do not do well in a container), but for other things, I got bumper crops.
Various veggies from my deck container garden.
Last year, I also went full blown on fermenting.  I fermented veggies and made dill pickles.  I made sauerkraut.  I used half gallon and quart Ball jars, reCAP Mason Jar Pour Caps plus #6 drilled rubber stoppers and 3-piece airlocks for the fermenting process.  Worked like a charm. I was a little scared. I used leaves off of my Blackberry tree in the bottom of the jars to keep the pickles crunchy.  I made a half gallon jar of pickles for my girlfriend and her hubby and wasn't sure if they would like them They loved them.  I'll be making more this year.
2014 Fermenting Project
Back to food blogging soon.  Next weekend, I'll be making a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake for my son.  It was his birthday yesterday (he turned 24), and that was his request for a cake AT the last minute late Thursday evening.  I need to find a vegan recipe, so it will be next weekend.
The ONE and ONLY peony I got from this particular plant before my lawn care guy mowed it over.  UGH!
Brilliant orange Daylily from my garden.

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